ADCB Egypt

ADCB Egypt delivered a strong performance in 2021, establishing the Bank as a significant force in providing innovative financial services to an expanding customer base in the country.

Following an extensive rebranding exercise in 2020 subsequent to the merger between ADCB and Union National Bank the previous year, ADCB Egypt has established a strong franchise in one of the region’s major economies.

We achieved strong growth in net profit, which increased 32% year on year to EGP 413 million in 2021 under IFRS, representing a return on equity of 9.07%. This was driven by a 28% increase in net loans to EGP 21 billion, while deposits increased by 42% to EGP 41 billion. Our customer base expanded by 14% during the year, and we experienced growth in digital banking, with a significant rise in active subscribers.

413 mn

Net profit¹ (EGP)

+32% YoY, 9.07% ROE

21 bn

Net loans (EGP)

+28% YoY

41 bn

Deposits (EGP)

+42% YoY

  1. Based on IFRS

The Bank is implementing a detailed five-year strategy, focusing on expanding market share in the affluent and corporate segments, while maintaining a conservative approach to risk management. We are introducing new financial products and services, backed by accelerated digitisation.

In Consumer Banking, we launched multiple offerings to cater for the needs of our growing customer base and to build stronger customer engagement, particularly in the affluent segment. This included introduction of an ‘Excellency’ segment, the successful launch of Visa Platinum and Infinite cards as well as a new portfolio management service.

In Wholesale Banking, we expanded the range of corporate clients we serve, with growth experienced across many economic sectors, including infrastructure, manufacturing, transportation, real estate, and energy. By widening its networks and relationships, ADCB Egypt is becoming an important partner for both UAE-based and Egyptian businesses active in growing bilateral trade and investment.

Our goal remains to become a preferred bank in Egypt by setting new standards in digital banking and service excellence. In doing so, we will empower our customers and help support the Egyptian economy and society.


The Bank’s success in 2021 was underpinned by an ambitious transformation programme that touched every area of the organisation and focused on enhancing our digital capabilities. Our programme, implemented through a detailed road map, enhanced our internal systems and processes, upskilled our employees, and digitalised more than 100 services in an accelerated time frame.

We rolled out internet and mobile banking platforms for corporate and retail customers, accompanied by the launch of digital wallets, a corporate e-Pay function and a new loan origination system. More than half of all transactions by customers are now conducted through digital channels.

We partnered with a leading international software provider of high-performance analytics to launch a fraud detection solution powered by artificial intelligence (AI). This has enhanced the Bank’s real-time capabilities in this area, allowing it to monitor internet banking, mobile banking, interactive voice response (IVR) and card transactions for potential risk.

For its wide-ranging digital enhancements, ADCB Egypt received The Digital Banker Foundation’s award for ‘Best Digital Transformation Programme’ and was named ‘Fastest Growing Digital Bank’ by Global Business Outlook Awards.

Financial Inclusion

Financial inclusion is a key area of focus for ADCB Egypt in recognition of the important role that small businesses play in driving prosperity and social cohesion across communities.

ADCB Egypt building.

We are committed to supporting and growing the SME sector, providing comprehensive support for their operational and growth needs. In 2021, our portfolio grew substantially with a 50% rise in SME loans.

One of our key achievements in financial inclusion in 2021 was to significantly improve access to banking products and services for people with determination. Following an extensive consultation exercise, we have worked with several specialist organisations to launch a series of initiatives. These included training customer-facing employees in sign language, producing documents in braille, revising policies to ensure priority treatment, adding ramps to designated branches and making ATMs more accessible. We are now working on a specialist product aimed at people living with a disability, which provides medical insurance and offers subsidised personal loans to finance medical equipment.

Financial inclusion will continue to be a priority for the Bank, and we are working to further improve access for people with determination, while also widening our scope to support financial responsibility among the youth.

Committed to supporting and growing the SME sector, providing comprehensive support for their operational and growth needs


ADCB Egypt has transformed into a key player in the Egyptian economy, attracting retail and corporate customers with our digital platforms, commitment to service excellence, and a brand that stands for institutional strength and ambition.

The Bank aims to continue building a strong reputation in the market, introducing premium services and digital enhancements, including a new customer onboarding platform. For corporate customers, we will focus on developing our wholesale cash management system and trade solutions. The Bank will also launch a new offering to high-net-worth individuals to emphasise our differentiation in this key segment.

Across the Bank, we will continue to elevate the quality of service through better customer insight and feedback and by re-engineering business processes that improve service delivery.