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In 2021, Al Hilal Bank made strong progress in its strategy to be a fully digital, Shari’ah-compliant bank focused on providing retail customers with a truly differentiated offering that goes well beyond traditional banking services. We continued to drive operational efficiencies, invest in innovation and apply a rigorous approach to risk management—themes that have characterised our operations since the acquisition of the Bank by the ADCB Group in 2019.

The result is a robust, versatile organisation that is well positioned to become an increasingly important engine of growth for the Group, delivering high-quality service to customers through a platform with the potential to have a disruptive impact on the market.


As part of ADCB Group, Al Hilal Bank has benefitted from both cost and revenue synergies. With an optimised branch footprint and a number of functions centralised at Group level, we seized the opportunity to adopt digital enhancements to achieve substantial improvements in customer acquisition and service. In 2021, active users of our digital banking platforms increased by 43% year on year, while new-to-bank customers digitally onboarded through the ‘Ahlan’ app were up 48% from the previous year.

With solid foundations established, the Bank has channelled investment and talent into an organisation-wide endeavour to bring a game-changing offering to the market. Scheduled for launch in the first quarter of 2022, Al Hilal Bank’s new lifestyle-focused ‘super app’ is designed to reshape the UAE banking landscape by providing a wide range of banking and non-financial services tailored to families and the youth.

In addition to regular banking products such as accounts, payment cards and loans, the platform will harness state-of-the-art technology to enable non-banking financial solutions through an ecosystem of extensive partnerships. The proposition is driven by customer insight provided by advanced data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The app has received overwhelmingly positive feedback during tests with members of the public. The scalable offering is built on a cloud-based platform to ensure agility, enabling the Bank to respond to evolving customer needs and pursue regional expansion, post successful launch in the UAE.

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Al Hilal Bank is committed to developing and promoting local talent, with UAE nationals accounting for 51% of our employee base—one of the highest Emiratisation rates in the UAE banking sector.

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UAE nationals as a proportion of Al Hilal Bank’s employee base

Our internal culture is centred on the philosophy and practical application of Shari’ah-compliant banking, while encouraging an agile approach to developing the business. Driving accountability and empowering decision-making allows the organisation to move at speed, offering customers an exceptional service experience.

Al Hilal Bank is at the initial stages of an exciting journey. With the launch of our app in 2022, we aim to increase partnerships that bring additional functionality and breadth of service to the platform. The Bank is focused on increasing our market share in the UAE, with a view to extending our digital-driven services to the wider region.