Group Strategy

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Effective implementation of our five-year strategy for digital-led profitable growth

In early 2021, the Bank launched its five-year aspirational strategy, with the objective of creating significant shareholder value through sustained and profitable growth. After a successful first year of implementation, in which the Bank delivered on all of its annual objectives, ADCB entered 2022 with strong momentum. To successfully navigate the evolving economic environment and the latest banking sector dynamics, the Bank will focus on five major objectives in the year ahead:


Continue accelerating the core business

by focusing on growth in market share, increasing ‘share of wallet’, and providing best-in-class customer experience, while delivering significant efficiency gains


De-risking the portfolio

to reduce potential volatility in profitability stemming from areas such as underperforming assets


Building businesses with hyper-growth potential

in areas such as payments, digital banking, wealth and asset management


Differentiate through ESG,

by maintaining an ESG lens in all value-creation activities


Focusing on key business enablers

such as our digital capabilities, key talent, best-in-class governance and risk management practices

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Incremental profitability

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Incremental shareholder value

These five objectives translate into clear strategic aspirations across our core businesses and subsidiaries.

Consumer Banking Group

The Consumer Banking Group (CBG) will continue focusing on growth in market share, particularly through personal loans, mortgages and credit cards.

Wholesale Banking Group

The Wholesale Banking Group (WBG) aims to offer a wider range of fee-generating services, reaching new clients in a broader range of segments across the region.

  • CBG and WBG growth ambitions are supported by advanced analytics and digitisation.
  • ADCB will continue to attract CASA deposits from retail and corporate customers as an important pillar of our funding mix.

Treasury and Investments Group

  • Treasury will continue to broaden the investment portfolio, encompassing a healthy accrual income and periodic capital gains;
  • Increase secondary market trading along with DCM origination;
  • Enlarge product offering by introducing repo and structured funding to improve cost of funds.


Our subsidiaries will increasingly become important drivers of growth. Following a strong performance in 2021, ADCB Egypt will continue to implement its five-year strategy in 2022 through the adoption of a new operating model to accelerate growth, focused on the affluent and corporate segments. To support its customers, the Bank is developing a new digital banking platform, which will increase share of digital transactions and enhance the customer experience.

Meanwhile, Al Hilal Bank, is taking major steps in its strategy to be a fully digital bank focused on retail customers. In early 2022, the Bank will launch a new Shari’ah-compliant ‘super app’ to provide high quality financial and lifestyle services in tandem with a new visual identity for the organisation. The platform will be designed to provide core banking services with a diverse digital marketplace, through a wide ecosystem of partnerships. The highly scalable offering is built on a cloud-based platform to ensure agility, enabling the Bank to respond to evolving customer needs and pursue regional expansion, post successful launch in the UAE.

ADCB will continue to evolve its operating model to further enhance efficiencies and ensure an agile organisation primed to deliver growth. We will pursue a disciplined approach to efficiencies, while investing in technology to drive digitalisation and productivity in customer-facing and internal processes. The Bank will also continue to streamline its branch network as digital transformation advances further.

ADCB Group

ADCB Group has placed digitalisation at the heart of its strategy. Our aim is to provide a market-leading banking experience and engagement to drive revenue growth through cross-selling and increased customer acquisition. We envision a complete digital customer journey driven by data and insight—from product sales and automated self-service, to a broad ecosystem of digital partnerships and innovative products.

ADCB Group has a clear and detailed road map for each business segment and subsidiary, which is being closely monitored by a dedicated steering committee to ensure smooth and successful strategy execution.