ADCB Group at a Glance

We are proud to play a leading role in supporting the growth and diversification of the UAE economy. By providing a diverse range of products and services, an unrivalled customer experience, and first-rate digital banking, ADCB goes beyond banking to deliver more to all our stakeholders.

ADCB by the Numbers

440 bn

Total assets (AED)

+7% YoY

265 bn

Total customer deposits (AED)

+5% YoY

59 bn

Total shareholders’ equity (AED)

+5% YoY


Geographic Footprint


ADCB — Branches in the UAE


ADCB Egypt — Branches in Egypt


Al Hilal Bank — Branches in the UAE


Al Hilal Bank — Branches in Kazakhstan

Ownership Structure

Chart: Mubdala Investment Company (60.20%); Free Float Domestic Investors (24.57%); Free Float Foreign Investors (15.23%).
  1. Through its wholly owned subsidiary One Hundred and Fourteenth Investment Company–Sole Proprietorship LLC

Contribution to Operating Income

Chart: CBG (42%); WBG (31%); TIG (24%); Property Managment (3%).