Property Management

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Through our subsidiaries, Abu Dhabi Commercial Engineering (ADCE) and Abu Dhabi Commercial Properties (ADCP), we provide a full range of property services in the UAE.

As a leading force in the UAE’s real estate space, we continue to strengthen our position in this prominent sector through our extensive property management capabilities and expanding service proposition.


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ADCE works in partnership with the government and authorities in Abu Dhabi to deliver commercial buildings to high construction quality standards.

We remain the preferred partner for the Abu Dhabi Department of Finance (DoF), and in 2021 we continued to focus on a range of significant building schemes across Abu Dhabi.

Across our key government, private and technical service portfolios, we provide a comprehensive suite of highly efficient building design, construction development and project management services, with project values reaching up to AED 1 billion.

Our success rests on our sales and operating planning excellence and customer-focused approach, which has established ADCE as the company of choice for those seeking efficient, high-quality portfolio management.

This year, we enhanced our property management software and services to optimise operations. As a result, we have created an end-to-end workflow that allows for seamless transition across various functions complemented by a set of dashboards and reports designed to allow for timely and optimal decision making.

Revenue from our escrow portfolio increased by 25% in 2021, cementing our position with the Abu Dhabi Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities (DUPM). In 2022, we plan to build on our relationship with DUPM by offering new and innovative services as part of our diversification and growth strategy.

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Tenancy agreements renewed digitally


One of the largest and best-known property management service providers in the UAE, ADCP manages an extensive portfolio of more than 2,000 buildings, representing more than 57,000 residential and commercial units across the UAE.

In 2021, ADCP successfully progressed with several key initiatives that were primarily focused on simplifying our service provision across several customer journeys.

In line with Group-wide digital transformation, ADCP launched the ‘MyADCP’ tenant mobile app in March 2021. The app was designed exclusively for ADCP to allow tenants to easily register leasing and facilities management service requests. With over 35,000 downloads by the end of 2021, the app has rapidly become a central channel for ADCP tenants to engage with our property management business.

To enhance service convenience, we introduced the ADCP Virtual Branch. Adapting to changing customer preferences, ADCP now offers services digitally that are usually provided in a physical branch environment, such as lease renewals. The initiative has proven popular among tenants and we will continue to add more services to the Virtual Branch.

In light of the ongoing global pandemic, ADCP has continued to implement a number of measures to promote the safety of our tenants, landlords, suppliers and staff. The business has applied enhanced sanitisation programmes to all managed buildings and their facilities, in accordance with regulations mandated by the Federal Health Authority.