Creating Value

Our Strengths

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ADCB benefits from an experienced Board of Directors supported by a highly skilled Executive Management team who actively promote a healthy organisational culture and ensure robust operational efficiencies.

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We provide a full range of innovative banking products and services to our customers, supported by an in-depth knowledge of the markets we operate in and detailed economic insights which helps them grow and prosper.

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The Bank has a strong and effective governance framework, based on the highest standards of international best practice. It provides the foundation for long-term success and demonstrates the integrity and transparency our stakeholders expect.

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By continuously enhancing our digital and technological capabilities and using artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics, ADCB uses innovation to make banking more accessible and more secure while providing an exceptional customer experience.

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The Bank employs a diverse workforce of more than 6,500 people from over 80 nations, including 1,854 UAE nationals, united by shared values and an inclusive, high-performance culture.

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Sustainability is a key focus of the Bank’s strategic agenda. We are committed to maximising ADCB’s contribution to the UAE’s ambition for an inclusive, Net-Zero economy through a range of ESG initiatives.

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The third-largest bank in the UAE by assets, ADCB maintains a substantial brand value and attracts a growing base of more than 1 million customers. Our unrivalled reputation also serves to make the Bank an employer of choice.

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Diverse Ownership

60.2% owned by Mubadala Investment Company (through its wholly owned subsidiary, One Hundred and Fourteenth Investment Company—Sole Proprietorship LLC), ADCB has a growing share of foreign institutional shareholders from over 75 countries.

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We are a domestic systemically important bank with more than AED 440 bn in total assets, robust liquidity, and strong credit ratings.

How We Create Value


To be the number one bank of choice in the UAE.


To build partnerships with customers that last a lifetime, by acknowledging every customer as an individual, offering innovative products and unparalleled service, and understanding customers have a choice.


To deliver sustained, profitable growth to create long-term benefits to stakeholders.

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Our value creation is underpinned by a strong foundation of robust corporate governance, strategic risk management and an enduring commitment to our nation and the communities we serve.

What We Deliver


Fulfilling careers, competitive benefits and rewards with professional development.


Protecting and growing the wealth of more than a million customers, from individuals, SMEs and large corporates through to GREs and the government.


Playing a role in the socio-economic development of the country. Guided by the vision of the UAE leadership, the Bank is fully committed to initiatives that create a diversified and sustainable economy.


Delivering robust returns and long-term sustainable value to shareholders.


Engaging with relevant authorities to support a responsible regulatory framework.


Working with numerous suppliers, providing them with new business opportunities and timely payments.