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Liquidity Management Integrated Liquidity Management


Make your cash work harder for you

Robust liquidity management ensures you can meet your commitments and make the most of your cash. This powerful solution automatically sweeps funds from one account to another to ensure funds are in the right place for the operation of the business.

Key features

  • For current accounts and savings accounts only
  • Sweep types: sweep in, sweep out or target balance
  • Frequency: same day, end of day, start of day with the Reverse Sweep functionality
  • Hierarchy: up to six level layer structures


Sweep budget alerts

  • Sweep budget alerts
  • Multi-level sweeping structure gives you up to six levels of linkage with sweep budget limits and alerts
  • Debit and credit positions or treasury concentration are automatically offset
  • Optimise idle cash balances – by using idle funds, you save on profit you would pay if you borrowed funds from elsewhere
  • Flexible physical sweeping options – support the investment strategy that you need.
  • All consolidated reports for debits, credits, adjustments are on one single platform

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