Send money using mobile numbers, email addresses or QR codes

Introducing Aani on the ADCB Mobile Banking App, powered by Al Etihad Payments, an initiative of the Central Bank of the UAE.

With Aani, you can send or request money using mobile numbers, email addresses or QR codes. This allows transactions without exchanging bank account details with individuals who have activated Aani.

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Instant Payments
Send money to individuals or pay businesses in just a few steps.
Request money
Easily request money from your contacts using their mobile numbers or email addresses.
Split bill
Conveniently split a bill with others by simply showing a QR code or by sending a request to your contacts.
QR Code Payments
Experience effortless payments by scanning QR codes and transferring money in seconds.
Manage requests
Manage pending requests with the option to accept, decline or cancel.



Aani is a safe way to move money, enabling secure transfers for individuals, merchants, and corporates.

Ease of transfer

Use mobile numbers, QR codes, or other easy ways to send money without the need to exchange bank account numbers or IBANs.

24x7 Transaction Processing

Aani processes transactions in a matter of seconds, anytime, any day.

Speed & Convenience

Aani is the fastest way to pay, enabling you to complete transactions in seconds.

Activate Aani on your ADCB Mobile Banking App

Navigate to the ‘Transfers’ menu and select the ‘Instant transfer’ tab to begin.

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  • Aani is based on the highest security standards and licensed by the Central Bank of the UAE.
  • Always remember to check the sender of the request to pay before accepting it.
  • Aani will be rolled out progressively by banks and other licensed financial institutions to their customers.