Credit Card Summer Bonanza


Spend and earn with ADCB

Spending with your ADCB Credit Card can earn you exciting rewards. You can now receive gift vouchers worth up to AED 3,000 from when you spend with your ADCB Credit Card.

AED 3000 Up to
Gift voucher

Keep in mind

  • Enrollment is mandatory to enjoy the benefits of this promotion.
  • Offer valid from 16th August 2020 to 15th October 2020 on all purchases with your ADCB Credit Card(s).
  • Purchases made in categories like Government Services, Utilities and Telecommunication will be capped at AED 5,000. Balance Transfer and Credit Card Loan booked at 0% Interest rate will not be considered for reward.
  • Gift vouchers will be awarded to eligible customers by 15th December 2020.
How it works

Your total purchases voucher you earn
AED 15,000 to AED 29,999 AED 250
AED 30,000 to AED 49,999 AED 750
AED 50,000 to AED 74,999 AED 1,500
AED 75,000 and above AED 3,000

Your Expenses can include purchases for

     Balance Transfer

     Credit Card Loan



     School fees

     Grocery/ Supermarket

     Clothing and merchandise

     All other purchases

How to apply

To enroll for this offer, SMS SPEND to 2626 from your registered mobile number. Enrollment is mandatory to enjoy the benefits of this promotion

Terms and conditions

To view the offer terms and conditions please click here.

Way to apply

Apply through SMS

Apply through SMS

SMS 'SPEND' to 2626 .