ADCB Introducing ADCB FacePass

At ADCB, we put you in control of your financial transactions. Introducing ADCB FacePass, our new Facial Recognition system that adds a new level of convenience and an additional layer of security to your digital banking experience.

ADCB FacePass Benefits

Secure approvals in seconds with state of the art digital banking technology
Convenient payments and transfers without an OTP
Authenticate transactions even if you are overseas without the need for an SMS
Opt-in and Opt-out at any time

How to activate ADCB FacePass

Step 1

Log-in to the ADCB Mobile Banking app or ADCB Personal Internet Banking and, when prompted, select 'Activate FacePass'.

Step 2

Sign-up for ADCB FacePass by scanning your face and follow the on screen instructions.

All done!

You can enable or disable ADCB FacePass at anytime from the Settings menu.

Seamless experience

Enjoy a seamless banking experience with ADCB FacePass. You’ll be prompted when authentication by FacePass is required.

Things to keep in mind

Good lighting

Make sure you have enough light in the room before you start the activation process.

Look straight

Please keep your head still and look straight into the phone camera.

Follow on-screen instructions carefully

This is to make sure that it is really you and the activation process is completed properly