Why Us?

We believe in structuring innovative yet straightforward investment plans to assist you in achieving your life goals. ADCBAM’s team on analysts and advisors provide expert insights into key market drivers across different financial sectors ensuring that our expertise serves your best interest continuously. Additionally, ADCBAM’s deep understanding of local and international markets allows us to translate the best investment plans into extended opportunities for you.

ADCB Asset Management’s Investment Philosophy

ADCBAM’s Investment Philosophy is built around the concept of risk and the effective management of that risk. Risk management is the foundation on which they build and manage your wealth, and effective risk management can only be achieved through active diversification. They follow a disciplined decision-making process within a framework of long-term strategic asset allocation and short-term tactical asset allocation which reduces turnover, minimises cost and ensures effective implementation of risk management strategies.

ADCB Asset Management’s Experience

Deeply rooted in UAE equity markets where they have been managing assets since 2005, ADCBAM’s core strength is their understanding of regional markets, augmented by investment capabilities across all major asset classes and markets. Their team of financial experts have solid experience spanning many fields including finance, accounting, economics, risk management and statistics. Together with ADCB Wealth Management’s multidisciplinary team of accomplished investment professionals we work closely with you to achieve your financial goals, so you can be confident that your investments are in safe hands.

ADCB Asset Management’s Process

The ADCBAM’s investment process is underpinned by robust quantitative research and probing qualitative analysis within the framework of long term strategic asset allocation. This structured approach ensures that you have access to the full spectrum of options in the investible world. A universe of many thousands of strategies is filtered through a quantitative screening process then meticulously analysed before a before being selected by ADCBAM’s Portfolio Management team in line with the required asset allocation mix. Ongoing risk management monitoring ensures that your portfolios are optimised and remain in line with your financial ambitions.

ADCB Asset Management Ltd is registered in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (“ADGM”) (Registered Number 000001263), and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority ("FSRA") (FSP Number 170036). The company holds a category 3C license with a retail endorsement and is authorised to conduct the Regulated Activities of Managing Assets, Advising of Investments or Credit, Arranging Deals in Investments, Arranging Custody and Arranging Credit.