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Terms and Conditions

Which set of terms and conditions applies to me?

Please refer to the terms and conditions to determine whether or not they apply to you. The following information is for guidance only and, in the event of conflict, the relevant terms will apply:

  • The Consumer Banking terms apply to individuals who use or purchase consumer products. This is as defined in the terms as ADCB Offerings. This includes any consumer product, service, facility, benefit, or reward program provided by ADCB from time to time. The terms apply to certain types of entities. This includes investment companies and family offices, as further detailed in the terms.
  • The Wholesale Banking terms apply to small and medium enterprises. They also apply to mid and large corporations, financial institutions and government-related entities who use or purchase wholesale products. This is defined in the terms of ADCB Offerings. It includes any wholesale product, service, facility, benefit or reward programme provided by ADCB.
  • The Islamic Banking terms apply to any person or entity using any ADCB Islamic Banking product or service.
  • The terms of our Wealth Services apply to individuals or entities. These individuals or entities use, or purchase investments as defined in the terms. Investments include debt instruments, equity, and fixed income. Other funds, Sukuk, insurance policies or other insurance products are included.

Find all the relevant Terms and Conditions from the links mentioned above. To download these files, you would need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer.