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General Upfront Interest Deposit


Explore innovative and flexible fixed deposit solutions through ADCB

Enjoy upfront interest credit on day 1 when you open an Upfront Interest Deposit

1 Day
Interest Paid
3.80% Up to
Per Annum
Upfront Interest Earned
36 Up to
Maximum Deposit Tenor

Keep in mind

  • No interest (0% interest rate) shall be paid if pre-maturely closed before 6 months of booking Upfront Interest Deposit. Interest paid in advance will be recovered fully when redeemed from the linked account.
  • If pre-maturely closed at 6 months or beyond, 1% less than the corresponding tenor interest rate for which the deposit has stayed with the Bank will be applicable. The difference in the interest amount will be recovered from the linked account when redeemed.
  • Partial withdrawal of the deposit amount is not allowed
  • Interest is credited upfront into customer’s Current / Savings Account linked to Upfront Interest Deposit at the time of booking the deposit. Auto renewal of Upfront Interest Deposit (if opted) will be done at then prevailing interest rate and original tenor.
Key Features & Benefits

  • Fulfill evolving financial needs with a wide range of deposit tenors, starting from 3 to 36 months
  • Goal based solutions – be it your child’s education, mortgage repayments or any other savings goal.
  • Helps build a financial nest in the event of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances.
  • Upfront interest earned on Day 1, on booking the deposit.
  • Principal and interest earned are guaranteed if maintained until maturity.
  • Available in in UAE Dirhams with attractive interest rates. 
  • Minimum deposit amount is AED 25,000

Interest Rates

Tenure Interest Rates p.a. valid until
19th October 2022
Interest Rates p.a. effective
20th October 2022
3 months 1.50% 3.05%
6 months 1.75% 3.45%
9 months 2.00% 3.55%
12 months 2.15% 3.60%
18 months 2.25% 3.65%
24 months 2.35% 3.75%
30 months 2.45% 3.80%
36 months 2.50% 3.80%


  • UAE nationals, residents and non-resident customers
  • To open an Upfront Interest Deposit, you should first have an ADCB Current, Savings or Call Account

Terms and Conditions apply

To view the full Consumer Banking Terms and Conditions, click here.

Charges and Fees

Please refer to the Schedule of Fees for charges and fees

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