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Fitbit Pay


Keep in mind

Your card details are never stored on the phone. It’s a safe and secure way to pay for purchases.
How to add an ADCB Card on Fitbit Pay

  • Download and open the Fitbit mobile app your smartphone.
  • Tap on the Fitbit device on the top left hand of the screen and tap on Fitbit Wallet.
  • Set a 4 digit PIN code which will be used to authorize Fitbit Pay transactions.
  • Enter card details and accept ADCB Terms and Conditions by selecting Agree. 
  • Enter OTP sent by ADCB to authenticate card addition. Never share your OTP with anyone.
  • If there are multiple cards registered on Fitbit Wallet, select the card which is to be made default and click on Activate. The desired card will then be activated on the Fitbit device as the default payment card. 

How to make payments with Fitbit Pay

  • Press and hold the left button on the compatible Fitbit smartwatch for a couple of seconds. The Payments screen should pop up. If it doesn’t, you may have to swipe on the screen till you get to it.
  • Enter the four-digit PIN to unlock this page.
  • Your default card will show up on the screen. Swipe on the screen to access a different card on Fitbit Wallet. 
  • Hold the smart watch towards the payment terminal. The watch face should be directed towards the terminal.
  • To keep a track of transactions, tap on the Wallet tile on the Account page of the Fitbit app. Select the card and scroll down to see the recent transactions.

How to remove an ADCB Card on Fitbit Pay

  • Open the Fitbit mobile app.
  • Open the Account menu by tapping the icon on the top left of the screen.
  • Tap on the linked Fitbit watch image.
  • Tap on the Wallet tile.
  • Select the card which needs to be deleted and tap Remove Card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fitbit Pay enables you to add your ADCB Credit and Debit Cards to certain Fitbit devices and make contactless payments.

Fitbit Pay uses contactless payment Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to facilitate point-of-sale payments using Fitbit devices.

All ADCB Credit and Debit Cards can be used on Fitbit Pay.

To set your ADCB Card as the default payment card, tap on the Today tab then on your profile picture. Tap on your device image and then on the Wallet tile. Tap on the card you want to set as the default and tap Set as Default.

You can add up to 6 cards on the Fitbit Pay app.

The same card can be added to multiple unique devices.

No, all transactions on a blocked card will be declined.

If your Fitbit device is lost or stolen, you can suspend or delete the card through the Wallet section. If you have lost both your Fitbit device and your phone, you can login to your dashboard from a computer and delete the cards.

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