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Cards Features FlexiPay


Instantly convert your Covered Card retail transaction balance into instalment plans at low profit rates

You can now enjoy the freedom of repaying the retail transaction balance on your covered card in small affordable monthly payments. The big moments will matter more when you worry less about the payments.

Split your covered card retail balance into smaller instalments
Repayment tenures from 6 to 48 months
Zero documentation

Keep in mind

  • FlexiPay is available to all customers with active ADCB Islamic Banking Covered Card(s) with a minimum retail transaction balance of AED 500 or more.
  • Cash Advance transactions, Fees, Charges and any existing instalment product(s) EMI or outstanding balance cannot be converted to FlexiPay.
Key Benefits & Features

  • Instantly convert your full or partial retail transaction balances into smaller monthly instalments
  • Greater payment flexibility, with tenures up to 48 months
  • No documentation required
  • More savings with lower profit rates and zero processing fees.

Terms and conditions

To view FlexiPay terms and conditions, click here

Frequently Asked Questions

FlexiPay is an instalment payment plan offered by ADCB Islamic Banking to a Covered Cardholder to enable the payment of full or partial retail transaction outstanding balance in equal monthly instalments.

Your request will be processed within one (1) working day from the day of the request received by the Bank

You can avail this facility through Personal Internet Banking, Mobile Banking App, by sending an SMS “FLEXIPAY” to 2626 for a callback or by contacting the ADCB Islamic Banking Contact Centre at 600 56 2626.

FlexiPay is applicable to all customers with active ADCB Islamic Banking covered card(s) with a minimum retail transaction outstanding balance of AED 500 or more

A minimum retail transaction outstanding amount of AED 500 is required to avail FlexiPay option on your applicable Covered Card

You can choose to repay your monthly instalment amounts for 6, 12, 18, 24, 36 or 48 months.

A monthly instalment has to be paid towards FlexiPay. However, if you fail to pay your instalments for two consecutive months, the Bank will cancel FlexiPay and the entire amount under the FlexiPay will be moved to regular outstanding balance on card and shall become payable forthwith.

You cannot amend the payment plan on an existing FlexiPay plan. However, you can foreclose the existing plan and book a new plan.

This facility is available for total retail transaction balance on both Primary and Supplementary cards. However, only primary cardholders can raise a FlexiPay request.

You can choose to cancel your existing FlexiPay plan by prepaying the retail transaction outstanding amount to the Bank in one (1) lump sum payment. There is no foreclosure fee for cancelling your FlexiPay plan.

If you request for closure of the card before all instalments are completed on the card account, the FlexiPay amount will be debited to the card account as one consolidated amount. Thereafter the card will be closed, post-payment of complete outstanding on the card.

The FlexiPay monthly instalments together with all applicable fees and charges shall be included in the Minimum Payment Due and billed in the Statement of Account. Billing shall commence from the first Statement of Account sent to you following the conversion of retail transaction outstanding balance.

The Bank, in the first Statement of Account sent to you following the conversion of retail transaction outstanding balance (part or full), will state the amount that has been converted into FlexiPay, the amount of monthly repayment instalment payable and the pending number of instalments.

By availing FlexiPay, the amount converted under FlexiPay will be blocked and the available limit will reduce accordingly. As and when instalments are paid, the instalment paid amount will be part of the available limit.

Yes, you may apply more than once for FlexiPay so long as you qualify for FlexiPay.

FlexiPay can be offered only on the retail transaction outstanding balance as on the day of the request and will not be applicable to balance for which the payment has been made and/or credit received on the said card account.

If you place a FlexiPay request and subsequently make a part or full payment of your retail transaction outstanding balance, the amount specified by you at the time of application on the day of request will be converted into payment plan. Any excess payment will be adjusted against the future purchases or instalments on card statement of account.

Retail Transaction Outstanding Balance is the sum of all unpaid retail Covered Card Transactions (billed or unbilled) on your Covered Card Account on any given day. It excludes Cash Advance transactions, Charges (if any) or outstanding principal (if any) from any existing instalment product(s) availed by the Cardholder.

A flat monthly profit rate will be applicable on FlexiPay and will be levied as part of the billed monthly installment. The applicable profit rate is determined by the Bank and is subjected to change on a periodic basis. For further details, please refer to the prevalent Schedule of Fees.

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Other ways to apply

Personal Internet Banking

Personal Internet Banking

Avail your FlexiPay instantly by logging into your personal internet banking.

Apply through SMS

Apply through SMS

SMS 'FLEXIPAY' to 2626 from your registered mobile number.