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Personal Finance Personal Finance for UAE Nationals


A customised solution that suits your ambitions

Customised finance packages for UAE nationals offer attractive Profit rates, higher salary multiples, extended tenure periods and flexible eligibility criteria.

4.99% From
Profit rate
starting from 4.99% profit rate per annum
300 Up to
for every AED 1,000 of finance amount

Keep in mind

  • The profit rate mentioned on this page is applicable for Excellency/ Emirati Excellency customer segments. The applicable rate shall vary depending on customer segment and profile.
  • Additional one-time fee applicable for Takaful cover which paid as one-time fee
  • Personal Finance is granted against assignment of the customer’s salary and end of service benefit (gratuity) in favor of ADCB Islamic Banking, which acts as security for the personal finance taken by the customer from ADCB Islamic Banking.
  • Service Guarantee is our promise to provide you a decision on your Personal Finance application within three working days. Hand over a complete set of documents to the sales or branch staff and send us an SMS to get started, SMS “P” to 2626. Terms and Conditions apply, please refer to for details.

Get a Personal Finance within 10 minutes through the ADCB Hayyak app

You will also receive a 50% discount on processing fees in addition to 50,000 bonus TouchPoints when applying through the app.

Download the ADCB Hayyak app now!

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Key benefits

  • High salary multiples
  • Competitive profit rates
  • Finance consolidation available
  • Simple documentation
  • Free ADCB Islamic Banking Credit Card

TouchPoints eligibility

ADCB Product TouchPoints Awarded on TouchPoints Earned Cap
Personal Finance TouchPoints will be earned when net Finance Amount (AED 10,000 above ) TouchPoints Earned for every AED 1,000 75,000
> 10,000 - <= 150,000 200
> 150,000 300

Terms and conditions

ADCB Islamic Banking facilities will be made available at the sole discretion of ADCB Islamic Banking, subject to ADCB Islamic Banking's terms and conditions and upon submission of documentation acceptable to ADCB Islamic Banking. Terms and conditions apply. To view the full Islamic Banking terms and conditions, click here.

Important Note

  • If you settle the financing early, then you may have to pay early settlement charges in accordance with finance documentation
  • If you do not meet payment requirements under the financing facility, your account will go into arrears and you might be required to pay donation amount as per financing documents and such amount shall be paid to charity (after deduction of any actual loss that the Bank may have suffered due to your default)

Monthly Installment Calculator
You will need to pay AED as up-front payment for the mortgage loan.
Click on the text box to enter your desired value. AED
AED 5000 AED 4000000
% Click on the text box to enter your desired value.
3.75 % 25 %
*Profit in reducing balance.
Months Click on the text box to enter your desired value.
6 60
Monthly Installment

Total profit paid during the finance tenure is AED 0


The figures are based on indicative rates selected and are for illustrative purposes only and do not apply to your finance. ADCB Islamic Banking rates are subject to change. The computation is based on simulated figures and a number of underlying assumptions and possible rounding-off of figures. Please consult your Relationship Manager/or visit the nearest branch or call 600 56 2626 to ensure that you receive complete information about our finance product.

Enjoy a world-class customer experience when you bank with us.

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Other ways to apply

Contact centre

Call our 24-hour contact centre on 600 56 2626

Apply through SMS

SMS ’SALAM' or ’YAQEEN' to 2626 from your registered mobile number.

Visit us

We will be happy to welcome you at any of our branches. Find the closest branch to you