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Homes last forever. Home loans shouldn't

A unique solution that helps you save on interest cost and get you closer to owning your home

5.24% From
Interest rates
per annum
85% Up to
Finance of the property value for
UAE Nationals
80% Up to
Finance of the property value for
200 Earn
for every AED 1,000 of loan amount

Keep in mind

  • A processing fee might be applicable to avail the facility
  • For the duration of the loan, insuring the property and maintaining a life insurance policy are mandatory
  • External evaluators shall be used to determine the property value, which may result in additional charges
  • The maximum account balance eligible to earn interest in the linked current account cannot exceed the loan outstanding at any given point in time
  • The maximum Loan To Value (LTV) offered depends on the current construction stage of the property, total property value and number of home loan facilities availed.
  • Hybrid loan interest rate structure implies fixed rate for initial years after which the variable rate based on relevant EIBOR + Margin applies
Key benefits

  • Own your home faster– loan tenure can be reduced by up to 15 years* on a loan term of 25 years
  • More savings on interest cost – enjoy up to 90%* savings on interest cost on a 25 year loan term
  • Flexibility and control – a unique loan account linked to a highly flexible interest bearing bank account
  • Experienced and dedicated Mortgage Relationship Managers to guide you through the entire loan process
  • Dedicated after-sales mortgage service and helpline
  • Ability to switch to a different mortgage variant anytime during the loan maturity period
  • Flexibility to partially settle your mortgage loan anytime

*Calculated on a loan tenure of 25 years


  • Conventional Finance available
  • Financing up to 85% of property value for UAE Nationals and 80% for Expatriates.
  • Competitive Interest Rates with following structures:
    • Hybrid Structure - Fixed for initial years and variable thereafter
    • Variable Rate Structure - Based on relevant EIBOR + Margin
  • Repayment tenure of up to 25 years


200 TouchPoints will be awarded for every AED 1,000 of loan amount, up to a maximum of 500,000 TouchPoints.

Terms and conditions

ADCB loans will be made available at the sole discretion of ADCB, subject to ADCB's terms and conditions and upon submission of documentation acceptable to ADCB. To view the full Consumer Banking terms and conditions, click here.

Documents required

SR No Salaried Self-employed
1 Completed application form Completed application form
2 Proof of booked property (if any)
Declaration of source of down-payment
Proof of booked property (if any)
Declaration of source of down-payment
3 Valid Passport, Visa & EIDA Card copy Valid Passport, Visa & EIDA Card copy
4 Last 6 months bank statements copy Last 6 months bank statements copy for both personal and company accounts
5 Salary Certificate, issued to ADCB and dated 30 days or less from date of loan application Last 2 years audited financial statements copy (For loan value greater than AED 2.5 Million)
6 Salary transfer letter (if transferring salary to ADCB) Valid Trade License copy (If applicable: Memorandum of Association/ Articles of Association / Share Certificates)
7 Details of existing loans/liabilities Details of existing loans/liabilities

Important Note

  • If you do not keep up your repayments, you may lose your property
  • You may have to pay penalties if you pay off a loan early
  • If you do not meet the repayments on your loan, your account will go into arrears. This may affect your credit rating, which may limit your ability to access financing in the future

Home Saver Calculator
Click on the text box to enter your desired value. AED
AED 5000 AED 50000000
Years Click on the text box to enter your desired value.
1 25
Maintained Account Balance
What is this? This is an estimated balance that you will maintain in your bank account.
Interest Savings
AED 1,184
Tenor Saving
3 months
With the Home Saver Loan you can reduce the loan tenure by 3 Months and save up to AED 1,184 in interest cost compared to standard Home Loan

Comparison for a loan amount

Interest Rate
Standard Home Loan cost AED93,578
HomeSaver Loan cost AED92,394
Standard Home Loan 96 months
HomeSaver Loan 93 months
Loan Pay-off Standard Home Loan Home Saver
Loan amount 80,000 80,000
Interest rate charged on loan 3.99% 4.49%
Original loan tenure (Years) 8 8
Interest rate paid on account balance - 4.00%
Average account balance maintained - 10,000
Regular monthly installment 975 993
Actual installments required to be paid 96 93
Total payment towards loan 93,578 92,394
Total interest paid towards loan 13,578 12,394
Effective savings in interest cost (Even on higher loan rate) - 1,184
Effective savings in interest cost (In % as compared to standard home loan) - 8.72%
Effective savings in tenor (How early you own the home) (Months) - 3
Interest Savings
AED 5000
Tenor Saving
0 months
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The figures are based on indicative rates selected and are for illustrative purposes only and do not apply to your loan. ADCB rates are subject to change. The computation is based on simulated figures and a number of underlying assumptions and possible rounding-off of figures. Please consult your Relationship Manager/or visit the nearest branch or call 600 50 2030 to ensure that you receive complete information about our loan product.

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