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Home Finance

Who can apply for ADCB Islamic Banking Home Finance ?

ADCB Islamic Banking Home Finance Facilities are open to all eligible UAE residents (Nationals and Expatriates) and salaried non-residents

What is the minimum monthly salary requirements?

 Employment Category   UAE Nationals  Expatriate Residents  Non-residents (Post Tax) 
 Salaried  AED 8,000 p.m.  AED 15,000 p.m.  AED 25,000 p.m.
 Self-employed  AED 75,000 p.m.
 average credit turnover  
 AED 75,000 p.m.
 average credit turnover 

Do I require to be an existing ADCB Islamic account holder to apply for ADCB Islamic Banking Home Finance ?

Not necessarily. But you are required to open an ADCB Islamic Banking current account along with the purchase of property and set up your Islamic Banking Home Finance facility.

How to apply for an ADCB Islamic Banking Home Finance ?

For further information or to apply for your ADCB Islamic Banking Home Finance, please call our toll free number on 600 56 2626, click on or visit any one of the ADCB branches across the UAE and one of our Relationship Officers will follow-up on your inquiry within 48 hours.

Alternatively, you may prefer to visit an ADCB Islamic Banking Relationship Officer at the following development site office:

ADCB Islamic Banking Home Finance Services Centre (Al Ittihad Branch on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai ) anytime between 8.30 am and 5:00 pm, Saturday through Wednesday.

What is the maximum finance amount I can apply for?

The maximum amount of the facility is up to AED24 million and would vary according to personal circumstances, the nature of the transaction and the property developer involved in the transaction.

Is there a minimum age prerequisite?

21 years or older for UAE residents (National / Expatriates).

25 years or more for Non-UAE residents

What is my profit rate ?

ADCB Islamic Banking offers the most competitive Home Finance profit rates: You can choose the plan that suits you most.

The Profit Rate is the combination of EIBOR + Margin. EIBOR means the UAE Dirham Interbank Offered Rate for UAE Dirhams as determined by the Bank from time to time.

Hybrid Rate Option: This type of rate option allows customers to fix their applicable profit rate for a short period of time, after which the profit rate will shift back to the variable rate of ADCB Islamic Banking which is based on 6 Month EIBOR + margin or 3 Month EIBOR + Margin. Currently the hybrid rate option, allows the profit rate to be fixed for a period of one, two, and three years only.

Variable Rate Option: Also commonly known as a floating rate finance, is a type of finance option where the profit rates will vary based on prevailing market conditions. The variable rate of ADCB Islamic Banking which is based on 6 Month EIBOR + margin or 3 Month EIBOR + Margin.

Important Notes & Definitions:

  • Definition of EIBOR: Emirates Interbank Offered Rate as determined by ADCB from time to time.
  • Review Frequency: The Bank will apply the ‘6 month EIBOR’ in January and July of every year and the ‘3 month EIBOR’ interest rates in January, April, July and October every year. However, the variable reference rate review can be done at a lesser or longer frequency at the ADCB-IBD sole discretion. In case the relevant EIBOR has changed on the review date, ADCB-IBD will apply the EIBOR rate applicable on the respective home finances to reflect such change from that respective month, subject to a minimum Finance rate of 4%. This rate will remain fixed till the next review date.
  • Historic 1M EIBOR Resets:
    Sr No 1 month EIBOR as on Value
    1 2-June-2022 1.18%
    2 5-May-2022 0.96%
    3 19-Apr-2022 0.58%
    4 17-Mar-2022 0.28%
  • Historic 3M EIBOR Resets:
    Sr No 3 months EIBOR as on Value
    1 19-Apr-2022 1.05%
    2 28-Jan-2022 0.42%
    3 19-Oct-2021 0.35%
    4 29-Jul-2021 0.35%
    5 12-Apr-2021 0.35%
    6 12-Jan-2021 0.42%
    7 13-Oct-2020 0.43%
    8 13-Jul-2020 0.60%
    9 16-Apr-2020 1.57%
    10 13-Jan-2020 2.07%
  • Historic 6M EIBOR Resets:
    Sr No 6 months EIBOR as on Value
    1 19-Apr-2022 1.57%
    2 28-Jan-2022 0.66%
    3 29-Jul-2021 0.53%
    4 12-Jan-2021 0.53%
    5 13-Jul-2020 0.85%
    6 16-Apr-2020 1.55%
    7 13-Jan-2020 2.15%
    8 11-Jul-2019 2.86%
    9 27-Jan-2019 3.15%

What will my monthly Ijara payments (lease rentals be?

Monthly rental payments are based on the property value amount, tenure and the Ijarah profit option you have selected.

Ijarah wa Iqtina’a - For completed properties; your rental payment (EMI – equated monthly installment) will be paid each month

Ijarah Mawsoofa Fe-el-Thima – For properties that are still under construction, you will have to pay the monthly advanced rental (pre-EMI) throughout the construction phase and subsequently the EMI as agreed following the completion of the property.

What are the insurance requirements for ADCB Islamic Home Finance applicants ?

It is mandatory to assign a life takaful (insurance) policy to ADCB-IBD to avail Islamic Home Finance. For completed properties; ADCB-IBD offers competitive property takaful (insurance) as an added convenience to its Islamic home finance customers

Do I have to transfer my salary to an account with ADCB to get ADCB Islamic Home Finance ?

You will find it heartening to note that there are additional benefits for Home finance applicants who transfer their salary to ADCB - IBD.

For example, with a salary transfer you can be facilitated with up to 85% of the property value for first sale properties, while the maximum finance for those without a salary transfer for first sale properties is only up to 80% of the property value.

However, you are not obliged to transfer your salary account to us to be eligible for a facility

What is the maximum tenure that ADCB Islamic Home Finance is available for ?

The maximum tenure for UAE residents (Nationals/Expatriates) is 25 years, while the maximum tenure of 10-years is applicable for non-residents.

Does ADCB-IBD provide finance for properties throughout the UAE ?

ADCB Islamic Banking Home Finance can be applied for residential homes and apartments across Dubai and Abu Dhabi which are developed by our select list of developers

What happens if I wish to conclude an early purchase pf the property to enable me before the finance is paid off ?

In that case, through the sale proceeds ADCB Islamic Banking will settle the facility. However, an early discharge fee will be levied which is 1.05% of the settled amount or AED 10,000 whichever is lower.

Note: No Partial Settlement within first 12 months.

*This is achieved in a sharia compliant manner by applying a discretionary rebate mechanism in accordance with the relevant Islamic document or any other Sharia compliant settlement arrangement under the Ijara facility.

Is there a restriction on the number of properties that I can get financed from ADCB Islamic?

There are certain restrictions on the number properties you can finance based on your current residency and property construction status. Please refer to the below table for guidance:


Type of Customer

Project Status

Number of Properties that can be financed


UAE Residents


No Limit


UAE Residents

Under Construction

1 Property


Non Residents


2 Properties


Non Residents

Under Construction

Not Applicable

Note: Definition of 1st Property, if the customer has no other Home Finance in the UAE, irrespective of the properties owned, the property to be financed can be defined as 1st property. Simultaneously, if the customer has a Home Finance on any property, then the property can be financed will be defined as 2nd property.

What documents do I need to apply for Home Finance?

Salaried Residents(Nationals and Expatriates)

Self-employed Residents(Nationals and Expatriates)


1. Completed application form

Completed application form

Completed application form

2. Proof of booked property if any

Proof of booked property if any

Proof of booked property if any

3. Photocopy of passport and visa(UAE National's must provide a copy of their "Khoulaset El Kaid" )

Photocopy of passport and visa(UAE National's must provide a copy of their "Khoulaset El Kaid" )

Photocopy of passport

4. Bank statements for past six months

Bank statements for past six months for both personal and company accounts

Bank statements for past six months

5. Salary/On-the-Job Certificate, issued to ADCB - IBD* and dated 30 days or less from date of finance application (*Letter issued by government MOD or MOI accepted)

Proof of existence of business (Partnership Deed, Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association)

Reference letter from Bank in country of domicile

6. Salary transfer letter (if transferring salary to ADCB- IBD)

Business Profile (details of the nature of the business, number of years in business, products, services, suppliers, clients, infrastructure, number of employees, target markets, assets and liabilities, business strategy)

Mortgage Credit Reports (documents detailing applicants credit history)

7. Details of existing facilities/liabilities

Proof of business income (certified audited financial statements for the last two years)

Details of 'other Income' (proof of investments and regular income sources)

Details of existing facilities/liabilities

Upon Facility approval, all applicants must provide an undated Security Cheque for the Value of the property, drawn on the personal account of the Customer. This cheque is to be signed by the applicant in the presence of the Bank's SRO.