SMS Banking

Bank in seconds through SMS.

SMS Banking offers you a convenient way to pay your bills, receive alerts, and enquire about your balance or transactions.


SMS bill payments

ADCB's Mobile Bill Payments facility lets you pay your AADC, ADDC, DEWA and SEWA Bills, Etisalat Bills and WASEL Recharge and Renewal on the move. For example to recharge your WASEL, send “TOPUP” followed by the mobile number followed by the amount to 2626. e.g., TOPUP 0501234567 30 to 2626.

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SMS and email alerts

ADCB Mobile Alerts, or push notifications, keep you informed about the significant transactions within your accounts, so you are always updated wherever you go. For example, you may receive alerts when your salary is credited or when you make ATM cash withdrawals…and much more!

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SMS Enquiry

ADCB Mobile Enquiry or pull notifications enable you to check your account, credit card balance and your last three transactions whenever you want. For example to view your account balance, send “BAL” followed by the last six digits of your account no. to 2626. e.g., BAL 030001.

Click here to view full list of Pull messages.

SMS Banking registration

To register for ADCB Mobile, please send REG followed by your full ADCB Current or Savings account number or ADCB credit card number to 2626. For example: REG 123456030001 to 2626.

You can also register for this service on ADCB Personal Internet Banking.

Please ensure that the mobile number you are currently using is registered with us. To update your mobile number, please call the ADCB Contact Centre on 600 50 2030. For more information send 'MOBILE' to 2626 or call 600 50 2030.