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Covered Card Payment Deferral

What is Payment Deferral for ADCB Islamic Banking Covered Cards?

Payment Deferral feature on ADCB Islamic Banking Covered Card allows cardholders to defer their card payment by a fixed period. During that period, customer is not required to pay minimum amount due and is not levied late payment fee.

An example of how Payment Deferral works is as follows: -If the Statement of Account is created on 5th of March and Payment due date is after 25 days, the Cardholder is not required to make the payment on or before 30th of March. The Payment due date will defer to 30th of April (for one month Payment Deferral) and cardholder is required to pay before 30th of April. Late payment charges will not be levied for 5th of March billing statement, However, Murabaha Profit applicable to the Payment Deferral period will remain due and be payable following the deferment period.

Do I have to apply for Payment Deferral before or after my Covered Card Statement of Account is created for the month?

You can apply for Payment Deferral at any time. However, the request will be processed for the next upcoming billing cycle. 

Please refer to this example for ease of understanding.

Example: If your Statement of Account date is created on the 5th of every month and you have applied for Payment Deferral on 4th of the month then you will not be required to make any payment on Payment Due Date for that month. However, if you have applied for Payment Deferral after your Statement of Account date i.e. 6th; then your request will be applicable for the next month and you will have to continue to make payment for current month.

Will there be any fees levied to my card if I opt for Payment Deferral?

If you opt for Payment Deferral then following will apply:

  • There will be no processing fee
  • Late payment fee will not be charged for payment deferral duration
  • Murabaha profit for the period will remain due and is to be paid by the due date following the deferment period.

Am I eligible for Payment Deferral on ADCB Islamic Banking Covered Cards?

All covered card customers who have completed 6 months from card account open date are eligible for Payment Deferral provided their covered Card is active and not blocked. Customer can enroll for Payment Deferral only once in 6 months.

Which type of ADCB Islamic Banking Covered Cards are eligible for Payment Deferral?

All ADCB Islamic Banking covered cards are eligible for payment deferral. ADCB Meethaq Credit Cards (old monthly-fee based cards starting with 4455) are ineligible for payment deferral.

What happens if I have 2 primary covered cards?

You need to apply for Payment Deferral request for each card separately. Eligibility criteria will be same for both the cards.

Will I be automatically be enrolled into Payment Deferral?

No, you will need to contact ADCB Islamic Banking contact center to enroll into Payment Deferral.

Is there any documentation required to apply for Payment Deferral?

There is no additional documentation required.

How will I know if I have successful enrolled into Payment Deferral?

You will receive an SMS from ADCB on successful enrolment into Payment Deferral for the specified month.

Can I cancel my Payment Deferral request?

Yes, you can cancel the request before the Statement of Account is generated for the specified month.

Will the AutoPay facility on my Covered Card be stopped during Payment Deferral period?

AutoPay will be deactivated during Payment Deferral period and automatically reactivated after payment deferral period is over.

Will Takaful Credit Shield on my Covered Card be valid during Payment Deferral?

Yes, the Takaful Credit Shield fee will be charged during the Payment Deferral period and the cover will be valid.

Will I be required to pay for monthly instalments for Balance Transfer and/or PayOrder facility and/or Personal Payment Plans?

The monthly instalments for these services will be billed as usual in the statement cycle, even during the Payment Deferral period. You may choose to pay or defer payment till the payment deferral period is over. Should you choose to defer, the instalments billed will become part of retail outstanding.

Can I apply for early closure of any monthly instalment plan during the Payment Deferral Period?

Yes, you can cancel any existing instalment plans on your Card. The cancellation will appear in the subsequent Statement of Account after the Payment Deferral period.

Can I change my billing date during Payment Deferral period?

Yes, however it is not advisable to make any changes to ensure smooth processing.

What happens if I pay my Total Amount Due payment during Payment Deferral period?

You can make a payment to your covered card at any time. This payment amount will be adjusted and will reduce your outstanding on the covered card in the subsequent month.

Can I cancel my covered card during Payment Deferral period?

Yes, however the total outstanding due on your covered card should be paid before cancelling and closing the card account.