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Protecting your financial identity

ATM Security Tips

Follow these simple steps to have a secure ATM transactions

Although ATMs are convenient and allow fast cash withdrawals, the frequency of ATM fraud has increased. There are different types of ATM fraud, including:

Card Skimming, where criminals install devices on ATMs to obtain the card details and the PIN.

Shoulder Surfing, that involves peeking over your shoulder and recording your PIN as you key it in.

Operational Cash Departments, where criminals approach tourists and direct them to local merchants to use their point of sale device to issue cash. The merchant then skims the card details and uses a fake PIN entry device to obtain the cardholder's PIN. This information is then used to make unlawful cash withdrawals with counterfeit cards.


  • Use an ATM alone and shield the keypad with your hand when entering your PIN.
  • Report jammed or retained cards and those lost at an ATM immediately to the Bank.
  • Use unique PINs and change them periodically.
  • Check to ensure that no additional devices are attached to the card reader slot.


  • Disclose your PIN to anyone, whether to a family member or to bank staff.
  • Accept help from strangers at an ATM.
  • Write down your PIN in a way that it is easily accessible.
  • Use numbers like your date of birth or the last four digits of your phone number.
  • Use an ATM with a blank screen.