Answers to the most
frequently asked questions.


With MDSA customers save with peace of mind and they can access their funds and withdraw any amount as and when needed.

What are the key benefits and features of MDSA?

  • Offered to all UAE residents and non-residents
  • Monthly average balance of AED 5000 required to enter prize draw and win prizes
  • It’s a transactional account accessible through all digital channels (Debit Card, Internet & Mobile Banking, SMS Banking, Phone Banking and e-Statements).
  • Over the Teller counter transactions allowed
  • Quarterly profit payments
  • Available in AED & US$ currencies
  • The following prizes are effective from 1st June 2021

What are the restrictions on MDSA?

ADCB and its subsidiaries’ employees and their immediate family members (parents, spouses, siblings and children) are not eligible to open MDSA.

Who is eligible for prize draw?

  • All family members, working people, retirees and minors can open MDSA and eligible for prizes if they maintain a monthly average balance of AED 5000 or above.
  • Average monthly balance is calculated by adding daily balances in MDSA and dividing by the number of days in the month

How many chances will the customer get once he/she opens an MDSA?

For the first AED 5000, customer will get 1 chance and for every extra AED 1000 he/she saves over the initial AED 5000, he/she gets an extra chance in the prize draws.
E.g. if a customer has AED 10,000 average monthly balance, he/she will get 6 chances to win prizes

Are MDSA prizes fixed forever?

ADCB Islamic Banking may from time to time and at its sole discretion offer different types of prizes.

When are the prize draws conducted?

The prize draws are held during the second week of each month.

How can the draws be transparent?

ADCB believes in absolute transparency. The prize draws are conducted in the presence of Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development and Auditors.

I’m holding MDSA for the past few years but why I didn’t win any prize?

Since this is a prize draw based product, not every customer wins. However, please continue to apply for MDSA and try your luck as you could be the next lucky winner.

What is the minimum amount required to be eligible for the draw?

To be eligible for the draw, you need to have a minimum average monthly balance of AED 5,000

MDSA is an Islamic product, how is it Shari’ah Compliant?

The MDSA is a Shari'ah approved Mudaraba-based savings account that offers all the standard features of an Islamic savings account, but with the addition of monthly prizes. All prizes are paid out of ADCB Islamic Banking's own funds, and not from the Mudaraba or customers' accounts.

How is the profit calculated on the MDSA?

Profit is calculated on the minimum average monthly balance in the account in accordance with the Shari’ah approved profit distribution mechanism and paid on a quarterly basis.

Does MDSA charge any transaction fees?

Transactional charges are as per the schedule of fees published on

Does MDSA offer an SMS alert service?

Yes, free SMS alerts are sent to the account holders.

Can the MDSA be held in currencies other than the UAE Dirham?

Yes, the MDSA is offered in USD as well.

Can companies hold a MDSA?

No, MDSA is offered only to individual customers.

Is it possible to transfer salary to MDSA?

As the main purpose of MDSA is to encourage saving habits and win prizes, salary transfers are not permitted. However customers can open regular savings or current accounts for salary transfers.

Can MDSA be opened for minors?

Yes, it should be opened by the guardian