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Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Redeeming Touchpoints

1. How do I redeem the TouchPoints earned?

You may easily redeem your TouchPoints instantly at select merchant locations. All you have to do is to present your ADCB Credit or Debit Card at the counter to redeem your TouchPoints instantly. In addition, you can also redeem the TouchPoints either online through ADCB@ctive Personal Internet Banking or by phone by calling our 24 Hour ADCB Contact Centre at 600 50 2030 if you are the Primary Account holder.

To view the complete list of redemption partners Click here

2. How can I redeem the TouchPoints online?

  • Visit ADCB@ctive
  • Click on Redeem Now
  • Make your selection of Merchant Partner Outlets
  • Input the voucher amount / quantity required
  • Review your selection and confirm

3. How can I redeem the TouchPoints over the phone?

If you are the Primary Account holder, you can contact 24 Hour ADCB Contact Centre and one of our telebanking agents on verification will process your redemption request. Prior to calling, you are requested to write down the name of the Merchant, the value of the vouchers and the number of vouchers that you have selected from the Rewards section.

4. What can I get for the TouchPoints earned?

You can find out what your TouchPoints can get on Rewards Section. It will provide a list of the categories, our Merchant Partner Outlets, the TouchPoints required and the value of the voucher.

5. When can I redeem the TouchPoints earned?

TouchPoints are available for redemption after they are transferred to your TouchPoints Account by the applicable TouchPoints Relationship. Only the Primary account holder can redeem the TouchPoints.

6. What is the minimum number of TouchPoints to be earned for redeeming?

The minimum number of TouchPoints that is required to obtain the selected voucher will be mentioned against the respective Merchant Partner Outlet.

7. Do I have to redeem all the TouchPoints that I have earned?

You can redeem any or all of your available TouchPoints whenever you like, as long as your TouchPoints account is open and in good order.

8. How often can I redeem the TouchPoints earned?

There is no restriction on the number of times you can redeem. You can redeem as often as you like based on the number of TouchPoints available in your TouchPoints account and the number of TouchPoints required for redemption against the voucher selected by you.

9. Are the TouchPoints redeemed refundable or can they be exchanged for cash?

No. The TouchPoints redeemed cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash.

10. What happens if I have redeemed all my TouchPoints and do not earn TouchPoints for a while?

Your TouchPoints Account will still be active as long as the TouchPoints Relationship is open and in good standing.