Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About TouchPoints Rewards Program

1. What is the TouchPoints- Rewards Programme?

ADCB has created the TouchPoints Rewards Program to tangibly show our customers how much we appreciate them Banking with us. It is a program with a difference. It is the first Bank Wide Rewards Programme of its kind in the region, because customers get rewarded for simply banking with ADCB, across nearly all the Products and Services.

2. Why is this Programme different from other Rewards Programme?

The TouchPoints Rewards Programme has been designed so you will be able to earn and redeem TouchPoints faster. You will earn TouchPoints across most ADCB Conventional and Shari’ah Compliant products and services. TouchPoints are earned automatically for simply using a product or service, so collectively the more Products and Services used, the more TouchPoints earned.

You will earn TouchPoints for spending using an ADCB Credit Card or ADCB Debit Card, for saving with ADCB or financing from ADCB or investing with ADCB. Customers can even earn for banking online with ADCB. TouchPoints earned are redeemable for vouchers to be used at some of nations most prestigious Merchant Partner Outlets.

3. What is the TouchPoints Promise?

The “TouchPoints promise” is simple. The more ADCB conventional and ADCB Islamic Banking Shari’ah compliant products and services you use, the more rewards you get.

4. What are the advantages of this Programme?

The Program offers several ways to earn TouchPoints. You will earn TouchPoints based on the total ADCB banking relationship. The more Products and Services that you use, the faster your TouchPoints balance will grow the faster you can redeem them instantly at merchant outlets, for shopping vouchers, pay utility bills and convert TouchPoints to airline miles.

5. Are there any membership fees to enroll in the Programme?

No. The enrollment in the TouhcPoints program is absolutely free of charge and ADCB customers are automatically enrolled in the TouchPoints Rewards Program.

6. What are the ADCB Products and Services that offer TouchPoints?

You will earn TouchPoints on each of the below ADCB Products and Services:

Conventional Products

  • Current Account
  • Savings Account
  • Fixed Deposits
  • ADCB TouchPoints Credit Card (Standard/Classic, Gold, Platinum, Excellency, Infinite Card, ADCB Private World Elite MasterCard and Traveller Card)
  • ADCB Debit Card (Regular,Excellency)
  • Personal Loan
  • Smart Loan
  • Car Loan
  • Mortgage Loan
  • Electronic Channels (ADCB@ctive Personal Internet Banking, ADCBMobile, IVR 600 50 2030)
  • Investment Products
  • Insurance Products

ADCB Islamic Banking Products

  • Current Account
  • Savings Account
  • Term Investment Deposit
  • ADCB Islamic Debit Card
  • ADCB TouchPoints Credit Card
  • Murabaha Personal Finance
  • Murabaha Auto Finance
  • Home Finance
  • Electronic Channels (ADCB@ctive Personal Internet Banking, ADCBMobile, IVR 600 50 2030)
  • Investment Products
  • Takaful and Savings Programme Products

Click here to find out how many TouchPoints are earned on each of the above Product or Services.

7. Do the TouchPoints Expire?

Yes. The expiration status of your TouchPoints will be shown on your TouchPoints Summary Statement. TouchPoints are valid for a period of three years from the last day of the month during which such TouchPoints are earned. Unless used prior to the expiration date, the TouchPoints shall expire on such date and shall be deducted from your total TouchPoints balance.

8. Are the TouchPoints transferable to someone else?

Yes. Your TouchPoints can be transferred from to other ADCB and Al Hilal customers. For more details please click here.