Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

TouchPoints Relationship

1. What is the "TouchPoints Relationship"?

TouchPoints Relationship means one or more of the ADCB Products and Services mentioned below through which you earn TouchPoints. Each of these is the TouchPoints Relationship. Applying for and using these Products and Services is simple. To learn more about these individual Products and Services just click

For example, you have an ADCB Current Account, an ADCB Debit Card, an ADCB Platinum Credit Card and a Mortgage Loan under the same customer id, you would have 4 TouchPoints Relationship with ADCB.

2. Who is the "TouchPoints Relationship" holder?

TouchPoints Relationship holder/s means the holder/s of one or more of the ADCB products as mentioned under TouchPoints Relationship.

3. How do I increase the TouchPoints Relationship/s?

All you need to do is keep adding more products and use more ADCB services listed under the "TouchPoints Relationship".

4. What is the "TouchPoints Account"?

The TouchPoints Account is created for every Customer Id. Customers are assigned a 'Customer Id' by ADCB for every Primary Account holder. The TouchPoints earned under each of the established TouchPoints Relationship are accumulated into this account. The account will collectively reflect all earned TouchPoints, bonus TouchPoints, adjusted TouchPoints, redeemed TouchPoints and expired TouchPoints.

5. Will the TouchPoints be automatically added from the different TouchPoints Relationships?

Yes. TouchPoints from all TouchPoints Relationships under the same customer id will be automatically linked to your TouchPoints Account.