Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Safe Deposit Locker

1. Who is eligible to rent a locker?

ADCB customers (Individuals/legal entities) are eligible to rent a locker.

2. What is the procedure for applying for a Safe Deposit Locker (SDL)? What are the documents required?

  • The Safe Deposit Locker can be opened by visiting the branch during the working hours.
  • The customer must carry his/ her original passport, valid Emirates Id and a debit or credit card.

3. Which branches have the Safe Deposit locker facilities?

Un-assisted Safe Deposit Locker:

Abu Dhabi

Head Office, Intersection Sheikh Zayed Street/Electra

Assisted Safe Deposit Lockers:


Al Karama Branch

Al Rigga Branch

Khalid Bin Al Waleed Branch


Sharjah Main Branch

Al Ain

Al Ain Main Branch

4. What is the procedure to add / cancel / modify the mandate for the locker?

You will need to complete the relevant forms and submit it to the branch in which you have the locker facility.

5. Is there a joint facility with a family member or partner to operate the Safe Deposit Locker?

Yes. The main custodian of the SDL who is an ADCB account holder can have joint facility with any other family member/s or partner. The SDL will be linked to the main banking account of the custodian. The joint account holder /s must have a valid passport and residence visa.

6. Can a minor operate the Safe Deposit locker?

A minor who is 16 years and above and for whom the account has been opened by the guardian may rent a SDL under his/her name with the guardian’s consent. A minor can only operate the safe deposit locker through its legal tutor subject to Bank policy.

7. What are the timings to operate the Safe Deposit locker?

Access to assisted lockers is available from Saturday to Thursday during banking hours and working days, with assistance available for customers with special assistance in an emergency. In case of un-assisted lockers, the customers can access the locker any time, 24/7.

8. Is it possible to request for more than one locker?

Yes, subject to availability of the locker.

9. What is the rental charge of a locker and how is the payment to be made?

Locker rates vary based on type and size of the locker

Safe Deposit Locker Rental Charges effective January 01, 2018 (Inclusive of 5% VAT)
Description Locker Size and Annual Rental Charge (AED)
Mini Small Medium
Extra Large
Un-assisted Locker N/A 3,150 4,200 6,300 N/A
Assisted Locker 787.5
only in
Karama Branch)
1,050 1,575 2,100 3,150

Special pricing available for the below mentioned Segments :

Account holder Discount on Annual Rental Charges( AED) p.a.
ADCB Private 75%
Emirati Excellency 75%
Excellency 75%
Emirati 25%
Privilege Club 25%

You need to set up a Standing Instruction in your Account to recover the locker rental charges annually.

10. When is the locker rental to be paid and is there any deposit?

Locker rent is to be paid in advance annually or semi annually based on the payment facility selected along with one time deposit of AED 1,000.

11. What is the procedure to change the access card? Are there any charges?

The customer needs to visit the branch during the working hours to reset the access by providing a written signed request with valid ID. There are no charges for resetting the password for automated SDL.

12. To whom should the case be reported to in case of items forgotten in the Locker room?

The customer needs to ensure that no items are left behind in the Locker room.

13. What is the procedure to follow in case the key is lost?

  • A letter in writing (signed by all the holders) communicating the loss of the key and requesting for a key replacement.
  • A date to be agreed on when all the 3 parties would be available i.e. the SDL holder, the Vendor and the Bank officials.
  • SDL will be broken and opened in the presence of all the 3 parties and the lock will be replaced .
  • Charges will be levied accordingly.

14. What is the penalty to be paid in case of lost/broken SDL key?

The customer has to pay an amount of AED 1,050 for replacing the key.

15. What if the biometric identification fails?

  • The SDL holder whose biometric identification has failed needs to visit the AD Main branch during the branch working days and working hours along with a valid ID.
  • The custodian must submit a written and signed request.

16. How to discontinue the Locker facility?

  • The SDL holders need to visit the branch in which the customer has the locker facility.
  • Surrender the 2 SDL keys along with a signed letter addressed to the branch requesting to discontinue the SDL facility.
  • The closing request must be signed by all the custodians.
  • The written and signed request should clearly state that the locker has been vacated & all the belongings have been removed.
  • 2 staff members along with the customer will check the locker to ensure that no items are left behind and that the keys are working.
  • If the locker facility is discontinued before the completion of the contract period, the rental charge collected for the remaining months will NOT be refunded to the customer.
  • Customer should visit the branch 1 week prior to the renewal date of the locker facility and ensure adequate time to process the discontinuation request and avoid any auto renewal charges.