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Answers to the most frequently asked questions

ALL - ADCB Credit Card

Do my Reward points expire if not redeemed?

Reward points are valid for 12 months and are extended for 365 additional days each time an eligible transaction results in a credit of Reward points on your ALL Account.

Are hotels stays booked through travel agents considered as Eligible Stays?

Eligible Stays are nights booked at public rates directly through, via the Accor ALL App, directly through the hotels or through the ALL Call Center. Stays booked through resellers, tour operators or third-party online travel agents will not be considered as Eligible Stays.

Where can I check my Reward points balance?

The Reward points balance can be checked by logging in to your ALL account through the Accor ALL app or online through

Is the redemption value of Reward points fixed all throughout the year?

Redemption of points are fixed at 2,000 Reward points = € 40 for stays at Accor hotels all throughout the year.

What is the minimum Reward points required to make a redemption?

The minimum Reward points required to make a redemption is 2,000 and can only be redeemed in multiples of 2,000 Reward points for stays.

Can I convert my Reward points for ADCB TouchPoints?

Conversion of Reward points to TouchPoints is currently unavailable.

Can I redeem my Reward points for stays at any Accor hotel?

No, Reward points can only be redeemed for stays at Accor hotels participating in the ALL - Accor Live Limitless program. The stay must be Eligible for the member to be able to redeem his/her points

When will my Reward points be credited to my ALL account?

Reward points will be credited to your ALL account within 7 days from the transaction date on your ALL – ADCB Credit Card, on a daily basis.

Are there any blackout days for which I cannot redeem my Reward points?

There are no blackout days for redeeming Reward points for hotel stays and F&B at Accor properties and can redeemed all throughout the year.

Will I lose my Rewards points if I cancel or amend my stay which was booked with my points?

If the booking is cancelled or changed, your Rewards points will be re-credited to your ALL - Accor Live Limitless account, in the following cases:

  • Bookings canceled due to failure or payment refused
  • Bookings canceled before the date of your stay for rates that can be canceled and changed
  • No-show at the hotel for rates that can be canceled and changed. However, the amount for the first night will be charged.

For rates that cannot be changed and is non-refundable, the Rewards points are not re-credited if you cancel or change your booking.

What do I do if I was not given the discount at a participating restaurant or spa?

Complains should be directly submitted to Accor through this link or by visiting

What if the email address used to create my ALL account is not the same as the email address registered with ADCB?

The email address registered in your ALL account and the email address registered at ADCB has to be the same. If the 2 email addresses are not the same, you can conveniently change the email address registered in your ALL account by visiting Personal Details under the Account section.

Is there a process to merge 2 ALL membership accounts?

You can submit a request directly to Accor and request them to merge 2 of your ALL membership accounts. Click here for further details on how to submit an account merging request.

I do not have an ALL account, should I create one before applying for an ALL – ADCB Credit Card?

If you do not have an ALL account, ADCB will create one for you on your behalf. We will be sharing your email address registered with ADCB along with a few more personal data fields with Accor to have your ALL account created. You will automatically receive an email from ALL with your new ALL membership number.

I already have an ALL account but I cannot remember the membership ID, what do I do?

Don’t worry, if you are an existing ALL member, we will retrieve your membership details from ALL using the email address registered with ADCB, and if you are new customer, we will use the email address provided in your Credit Card application form.

How can I submit a complaint to Accor or ALL - Accor Live Limitless?

You can submit complains to Accor or ALL - Accor Live Limitless by clicking here.