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Answers to the most frequently asked questions

ADCB Lulu Credit Card

What is the LuLuPoints Rewards Programme?

The LuLuPoints Reward Programme is specially designed loyalty program for ADCB LuLu Credit Cardholders.
You will now earn a higher rate of LuLuPoints on your non LuLu purchases while you continue to earn upto 5% rewards as LuLuPoints for your purchases at LuLu stores:

Card Type Rewards at LuLu
(per AED 1 purchase)
Rewards elsewhere
(per AED 1 purchase)
Monthly spends goal
(LuLu & elsewhere)
Platinum 5 LuLuPoints 1.25 LuLuPoints AED 5,000
Titanium/Gold 3.5 LuLuPoints 1 LuLuPoint AED 3,500
Standard 1.5 LuLuPoints 0.5 LuLuPoint AED 1,000

*For every AED 1 worth of purchase made elsewhere in the UAE and overseas you will earn 0.5 LuLuPoints.

Are there any membership fees to enrol in the LuLuPoints programme?

No. There is no membership to enrol in the LuLuPoints programme. You are automatically eligible to participate in the programme by virtue of being an ADCB LuLu Credit Cardholder.

Can I earn LuLuPoints on other ADCB Products and Services?

No. You would earn LuLuPoints only on eligible transactions made with the ADCB LuLu Credit Card. For other ADCB Products and Services, you would earn TouchPoints. Please click here for more information on TouchPoints.

When can I start redeeming my LuLuPoints

You can start redeeming your LuLuPoints once you have accrued a minimum of 5,000 points.

Who can redeem LuLuPoints?

Both primary and supplementary cardholder can redeem LuLuPoints accrued on the card account.

What is the denomination in which the redemption vouchers will be printed? What is the minimum and maximum number of points I can redeem?

Unlike gift vouchers, there are no preset values of LuLuPoints redemption vouchers e.g. AED 50 / 100 / 500. You can request redemption of LuLuPoints of any value as long as there are in multiples of 100 and subject to a minimum number of points required of redemption i.e. 5,000 points. There is no maximum limit on the number of LuLuPoints you can redeem.

Do the LuLu Points expire?

Yes. LuLuPoints are valid for a period of three years from the last day of the month during which such LuLuPoints are earned. Unless used prior to the expiration date, the LuLuPoints shall expire on such date and shall be deducted from your total LuLuPoints balance.

Are the LuLuPoints transferable to someone else?

No. The LuLuPoints cannot be transferred to someone else.