Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

3D Secure on your ADCB Card

What is 3D Secure™?

3D Secure™ is a security feature in association with Visa and MasterCard for credit card and debit card transactions that are performed online.

It provides additional protection and confidence while shopping online. You will be required to provide a one-time password (OTP) that is sent to your registered mobile number and email address when you make any online transactions on websites that have the ‘Verified by Visa’ or  ‘MasterCard Secure Code’ sign.

How does 3D Secure™ feature protect me against unauthorized online transactions?

3D Secure™ feature protects you against unauthorized online transactions as you will be required to enter a one-time password that will be sent to both your mobile number and the email address on ADCB’s records before you can complete the online transaction. This additional authorization step ensures that only you as the cardholder will have the password required to complete the transaction.

Do I need to apply for a new ADCB Bank credit card or debit card which is enabled with the 3D Secure™ feature?

No, the 3D Secure™ feature is available across all debit cards and credit cards issued by ADCB.

How does the Online Authentication Service work? / What are the steps to be followed while conducting an online transaction?

  • When you are transacting online with your ADCB Bank credit card or debit card on any 3D Secure™ websites that have the 'Verified by Visa' or 'MasterCard Secure Code' sign, the website will open a new window. It will display an ADCB Verified by VISA (VBV)/MasterCard® SecureCode authentication screen. You may need to permit pop-up windows in your web-browser.
  • The transaction details (merchant name, amount, date, last 4 digits of the card number) will be displayed on the VBV/SecureCode authentication screen. Please ensure that the details are accurate.
  • Please enter the 6 digit OTP sent to your mobile number and email address on the VBV/SecureCode authentication screen, to initiate the authentication process. The mobile number and email address we hold on record at ADCB will be used.
  • The card details and the authentication results will be processed by our system and subject to correct card details and OTP being entered and the card account having adequate limit, the transaction will be approved.
  • On transaction approval, the website will display a payment received acknowledgement.

Why is there a need for a One-Time Password (OTP) to complete an online transaction with my ADCB Debit or Credit Card?

The OTP provides additional protection. This additional authorization step ensures that only you as the cardholder will have the password required to complete the transaction.

Will every website require the OTP password to be entered for authentication?

No, you will be asked to enter the OTP only if the website supports VISA/MasterCard® cards for online transactions and supports the Verified by VISA (VBV) or MasterCard® SecureCode (SC) authentication protocol. Support for VBV or MasterCard® SecureCode is usually indicated by the following image on the website: 

What if the website does not have the 'Verified by Visa' or 'MasterCard Secure Code' sign?

For websites that have not enabled the 3D Secure™ feature, you will not be required to go through the one-time password authentication process for your online transactions.

Do I need to register before using the Service?

No registration is required. The first successful online transaction will enroll the cardholder to utilize the Online Authentication Service.

Can I opt out of the OTP password authentication service for online transactions?

No, the OTP is mandatory for authentication at websites that accept VISA/MasterCard® cards and support the Verified by VISA/MasterCard® SecureCode protocol.

What should I do if I change my mobile phone number or email address?

As your mobile phone number and email address will be the primary contact for ADCB to send you an OTP, please ensure that your new details are updated with us at your earliest convenience.

How can I update my mobile number & email address?

You may call the ADCB Contact Centre and on verification of your identity, ADCB can update your mobile number / email address.

After I update my mobile number or email address with ADCB, can I start using my card for online transactions immediately?

Yes, you can start using the card immediately after ADCB confirms your details have been updated successfully.

I am using my ADCB card at an overseas website, do I need to enter the OTP for authentication?

If the website supports VBV/MasterCard® SecureCode authentication protocol, our system will automatically send you the OTP for authentication at the payment stage. However, if the overseas website does not support VBV/MasterCard® SecureCode authentication, the online transaction will be processed without requiring the OTP for authentication. If the online transaction is prohibited as per existing regulations or is considered as high risk by ADCB, such transactions may be declined.

Can I use the same One Time Password (OTP) password for multiple transactions?

No, your One Time Password (OTP) can be used for a single transaction only and is valid for 10 minutes.

What happens if I enter wrong OTP multiple times?

Should the wrong OTP be entered three times successively, the session will be blocked.

Can ADCB resend the OTP to me in case of non-receipt?

The OTP will be sent to your mobile number and email address on ADCB’s records as soon as the online transaction request is received by the bank from the merchant’s website; however, due to network issues there could be a delay in receipt of the OTP via SMS and/or email. To factor this, the OTP sent to your mobile number and email address is valid for 10 minutes. In the event that you do not receive the OTP, there will be a “Resend OTP” link provided in the ADCB Verified by VISA/Mastercard® SecureCode authentication screen. Clicking the link will generate a further OTP which will again be valid for 10 minutes. This option can be availed only once.

Do I have to pay for this service?

No, the extra security is provided absolutely free.

I have a Supplementary card, where will the OTP be sent?

For online transactions requiring authentication, the OTP will be sent to the mobile number of the Supplementary cardholder provided the supplementary cardholder’s contact details are registered and available on ADCB records. In case the supplementary details are not updated, the OTP shall be sent to the Primary Cardholder.

How do I update the mobile number for my supplementary cardholder to receive the OTP on their mobile or email address?

Primary cardholders can now register the supplementary cardholders mobile and / or email address either though the ADCB Contact Centre or through ADCB Personal Internet Banking. Primary cardholders will need to log in to ADCB Personal Internet Banking, and select “Supplementary Card Services”, under “Other Services” on the left hand panel.

How will OTP function for a replacement card which has been issued in case of being lost, stolen, upgraded or renewed cards?

If there is no change in your mobile number or email address, you can continue using the OTP authentication for online transactions even after the card has been replaced as lost/stolen or on upgrade/renewal.

Does the service file cookies on my computer?

No cookies will be stored on your PC.