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Answers to the most frequently asked questions


What is ADCB Hayyak?

It’s our way of welcoming you to ADCB. We have reimagined banking to make your life hassle-free by designing an easy, flexible and convenient way of opening an ADCB account. The app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Playstore.

Who can use ADCB Hayyak?

If you are a UAE resident, and 21 years of age or older, then ADCB Hayyak is the best way to start your relationship with ADCB.

How is ADCB Hayyak different?

ADCB Hayyak puts you in control. You can get started in your preferred language. English or Arabic, and choose between opening a Current account (with cheque book) and Savings account. You can also choose between regular and Shari’ah compliant solutions. Apply for a Personal Loan or a Credit card, subjected to eligibility.


How can I start my relationship using ADCB Hayyak?

After you’ve downloaded ADCB Hayyak, follow the onscreen instructions to get started in three simple steps:

Step 1 - Scan your Passport and Emirates ID and choose ‘Borrow’ to opt for a Personal Loan OR ‘Save and Transact’ to get started with an account and a Credit card (optional)
Step 2 - Personalise your banking experience with a few basic details
Step 3 - Your account and loan are immediately set up and ready to use. Your welcome pack is ready to be collected at conveniently located branches or delivered straight to your door.

All you need is your smartphone, and your identification documents handy to open your account from the comfort of your home or office.

On the screen I can see ‘New User’ and ‘Returning User’ – What is the difference?

You will need to ‘Register’ if you are applying for the first time. It’s fairly simple, all you have to do is click on ‘New User’ and follow the on-screen instructions.

What’s great about ADCB Hayyak is that you pick up from where you have left off. To continue from where you last stopped, all you need to do is click on ‘Returning User’, enter your mobile number and follow the on-screen instructions

What are the banking products I can currently get through ADCB Hayyak?

We have personalised experiences for all customers, so you can choose to apply for a Current or a Savings account. Subject to eligibility criteria, you may also choose to apply for a Personal Loan or a Credit Card.

What do I do if I don’t receive my OTP?

We always send messages in real-time. A response usually takes anywhere from 2 seconds to 15 seconds right after you request for an OTP. Sometimes you may face delays and errors depending on the network of your mobile service provider. In case this happens, just click on ‘Resend OTP’ and a new OTP will be sent to you. If you continue to face an issue, just give us a call on 600 502030 from your registered mobile number. Choose your preferred language and press 4 for ADCB Hayyak enquiries and our contact centre agents will be happy to assist you.

Why do I need to upload my signature?

Your signature is required for cheque book issuance so that you continue your banking experience seamlessly, without coming to an ADCB branch. 

How will I know my Account/ Credit Card and Personal loan details?

After you complete the journey, ADCB Hayyak takes you to your personalised dashboard, where you can see your Account, Credit Card, Personal Loan details

Can I add my debit card and credit card to my phone wallet?

Yes, once you receive your Welcome Kit, simply add your ADCB cards by scanning your physical card or manually inputting your card information into Samsung Pay and Apple Pay.

When will I receive my cheque book and cards?

We will usually deliver your welcome kit within 48 hours of opening the account. To make sure you’re always protected, we’ll securely verify your Emirates ID and fingerprints at the time of your Welcome Kit delivery. Your account will then be fully operative for immediate use.

I opened my account and deposited funds into it, so why am I not able to withdraw funds?

For your safety and security, we have disabled withdrawals on your account, until we deliver your welcome kit.

Do I need to activate the debit card and credit card and set up a PIN for both the cards separately?

Yes, you need to activate and set a PIN for both your debit and credit card separately.

Will I get rewards for using my account our credit card?

Yes, you are automatically enrolled for the ADCB TouchPoints Rewards Program. With TouchPoints, you get rewarded for everything you do with ADCB. From spending with your credit or debit card to paying your bills online and much more. You can redeem your TouchPoints instantly at merchant outlets or for shopping vouchers and airline tickets.

What should I do if I experience difficulty downloading or using the app?

If something isn't working right, you can try restarting or re-setting your handset. If you still experience difficulty you can try deleting and then re-installing the application. If problems persist please write to or call our Contact Centre on 600 50 2030.

What is the agent code when I open my account using the app?

The agent code is an optional entry at the time you open your account. This is only applicable if a Sales Representative from ADCB is helping your account opening process with Hayyak. The sales representative will tell you the code which needs to be entered. If you are opening the account without any assistance you may leave the field blank.


How does the personal loan feature on ADCB Hayyak work?

On the ADCB Hayyak App, please tap on the ‘Borrow’ option and go ahead with stating your loan requirements. The loan eligibility calculator then shows you the various loan options available. Select the appropriate option and complete the journey on the App. As part of this, a new ADCB account is opened instantly and the loan amount is credited into this account. You are then required to request your employer to transfer your salary monthly to ADCB and provide us a confirmation letter for this for releasing the amount for withdrawals. Your Personal loan is granted against the assignment of your salary and end of service benefit (gratuity) in favor of ADCB, which acts as security for the personal loan taken by you.

What is the maximum amount of loan I could get?

The loan eligibility is subject ADCB terms and conditions and may go up to a maximum of 20 times your monthly salary.

Are there any additional charges?

An additional one-time fee applies to the loan processing fees and for a life insurance cover.

What is the minimum salary requirement for a loan?

The UAE Central Bank mandates a minimum monthly income of AED 5,000 for any loan from a bank. The salary that is shown on your pay-slip or bank statement should be AED 5,000 or higher. This means any variable component like allowances cannot be included.

Are there any formalities to be completed offline?

If you are eligible for the personal loan, the amount is instantly credited to the newly opened ADCB account with the amount placed under a block. ADCB needs to verify the employment details and requires you to transfer your salary to ADCB. Within a working day, you will be contacted by an ADCB representative to guide you on this and set up an appointment for the collection of this letter and signatures on a security cheque for the loan amount

Is there Islamic finance possible?

Yes, Sharia ’h compliant Islamic finance is an option available on the App. You need to select the Islamic option at the time of starting your journey on the Hayyak App.

How much time does it take to credit the loan?

At the end of the loan application process on the App, the agreed amount is credited into the account instantly. This process takes only a few minutes from start to end. However, you will only be able to use your money once we verify your income documents. At each step, you will be notified through email and SMS alerts.

Can I use the funds from my loan instantly?

The loan amount is credited to your account instantly but it could take a few more days before the amount is available for usage and withdrawal. This is dependent on the successful delivery of your welcome kit and receipt of the salary transfer letter, signed security cheque from you, by our representative. These activities are expected to be completed within a maximum of 15 days from the loan application date before the application is cancelled and the loan amount reversed.

Why am I being shown the message on the App that a loan cannot be offered?

This happens if you are, unfortunately, not eligible for a loan from the bank. In such a scenario you have the option to open an ADCB account on the App and approach ADCB at a later point in time for the loan.


Can I pick up my welcome pack instantly after onboarding on Hayyak?

Yes, you can now choose any uBank centre in the UAE and pick up your welcome pack instantly! All you have to do is select your preferred delivery channel on the app.

What products can I choose to pick up from uBank centres?

You can pick up your Debit Cards, Credit Cards (if eligible), and cheque leaves from any uBank centre in the UAE. You can print a minimum of 3, and a maximum of 6 cheque leaves at uBank kiosks. If you require more, you can request a cheque book either through ADCB Personal Internet Banking, selected ADCB ATMs, or through the ADCB Contact Centre.

What happens if I change my mind about the selected uBank centre?

You are welcome to visit any other uBank centre and collect the welcome pack from there.

What happens if I change my mind after selecting the pick-up option and want the welcome pack delivered?

Unfortunately, once you select to pick up the welcome pack from the uBank centre, you must visit the uBank centre to collect the pack. Courier delivery will not be possible.