Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Active Saver Account

What is an Active Saver Account?

The Active Saver Account is an online Savings Account and offers competitive interest rates on the account. The account can be opened (Apply Online) and may only be operated on ADCB Personal Internet Banking, thus making it accessible anytime, anywhere.

The account can only be opened online (Apply Online).

In which currencies can the Active Saver Account be opened?

Active Saver account can be opened in UAE Dirhams, US Dollars and GBP.

What is the minimum initial deposit required to open the Active Saver Online?

A minimum initial deposit of AED 1,000 / USD 1,000 / GBP 1,000 is required to open the Active Saver Account in the respective currencies namely AED / USD / GBP

What is the monthly minimum balance requirement of Active Saver Account?

The Active Saver account does not have a minimum balance requirement or monthly fees, allowing more savings.

How is interest calculated on the account?

Interest is calculated on the daily closing balance and paid monthly. Interest is paid as per the tiered interest rates, based on the daily balance maintained. If the daily balance in the account changes tier, the interest is calculated using the corresponding interest rate.

Does Active Saver Account charge any transaction fees?

Since Active Saver Account encourages savings, any deposit made in to the Active Saver Account are free of any transaction charges, through the branch or through ADCB Personal Internet Banking.

All withdrawal/transfer transactions made at the teller counter in any ADCB branch are charged in line with “Schedule of Fees Policy". In case of cross currency transfers, conversion will be done at relevant foreign exchange rate.
Please click here for detailed overview of charges and fees.

Which banking channels can be used to access the Active Saver account?

The Active Saver account is an account operated online, through ADCB Personal Internet Banking. ADCB Personal Internet Banking allows fund transfers within ADCB or to any other bank locally and internationally, In case of cross currency transfers, conversion will be done at relevant foreign exchange rate. For added convenience, visit any of the ADCB branches to make deposits or withdrawals. However, for every withdrawal made at the branch from the ADCB Active Saver Account a transaction charge is applied.

Please click here to see 'Schedule of Fees' to know more about the charges.

To encourage regular savings, an ATM card and a cheque book are not issued. An existing ATM/Debit Card cannot be linked to the ADCB Active Saver account either.

Please call us at 600 50 2030 anytime for any help or queries related with the ADCB Active Saver Account

Do the Active Saver transaction charges apply to all customers with the Active Saver account?

Yes, the Active Saver account transaction fees apply to all ADCB customers.

Does Active Saver account offer an SMS alert service?

Yes, free SMS alerts are sent to Active Saver Account holders. See the full list of SMS alerts here.

Can business customers hold an Active Saver Account?

No, the Active Saver Account is offered only to individual customers.

Is it possible to transfer salary directly into this account?

No, salary transfers into the Active Saver account are not permitted.

Is Islamic Active Saver Shari’ah compliant?

Islamic Active Saver Account is Shari’ah compliant - please click here